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3 Kitchen Cabinet Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen cabinet installation is a straightforward process, but it is best left to the professionals for good reason. Like any other home improvement project, it has its own intricacies, which need to be navigated properly to yield best results. Unfortunately, those inexperienced with cabinet renewal and installation can go astray, making mistakes that can put a damper on your kitchen remodeling plans. 

Kitchen Cabinet

Some of the common mistakes amateur cabinet installers make include:

1. Installing Cabinets of the Wrong Size

Kitchen cabinets can come in preset stock sizes. However, they only work if they will fit into your space. Different kitchens have different requirements so custom cabinet measurements are the better way to go. 

2. Forgetting About Wiring and Plumbing

If your kitchen remodel involves changing the layout of your cabinets, you need to make sure that wiring and plumbing will be accounted for during the process. This is where precise measurements come into play, something that a cabinet restoration expert will surely know how to do. Not properly mapping out your cabinets can get in the way of lighting and other appliances integral to your kitchen.

3. Hanging Cabinets on Drywall

Kitchen cabinets should be installed on wall studs. Period. As the strongest points in a wall, studs have what it takes to carry the weight of kitchen cabinets and all the things you will be placing inside them. Drywall is simply not made for the job that studs are meant to do. Kitchen cabinets installed on drywall run the risk crashing down, causing you a whole boatload of inconvenience.

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