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4 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Perhaps no room in your house contains more items than your kitchen. This is why you can never have too much storage space in this hardworking area. Your kitchen needs to have a host of appliances, pieces of furniture and decorations to function properly and to look nice. However, the dimensions of your walls and floor have limitations.

4 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Tidying up alone can’t solve your storage dilemma. You need creativity to maximize every surface and corner to keep everything in order. To eliminate clutter when you do your kitchen remodeling project, Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, recommends these clever ideas when designing custom cabinetry:

1. Fill Narrow Spaces With Pullout Shelves

The most underutilized areas in the kitchen are the vertical gaps between appliances or pieces of furniture. Using them to house slim pullout shelves can keep a lot of items that might otherwise compete for space elsewhere.

2. Have a “Hopper” Sink Drawer

Any kitchen cabinet refacing expert would tell you that the “drawer” of a kitchen sink typically doesn’t open. Installing hinges and a tray allows this usually fixed front to operate like a hopper window. This storage unit makes the perfect location to stash unsightly scrub brushes, wet sponges and cleaning cloths out of view.

3. Build Corner Drawers

Turn two corner units into one drawer. The unified front forms a right triangle for camouflage. Compared to standard drawers, corner ones can be six inches deeper.

4. Hide Wine Bottles in Island Cubbyholes

If you’re planning to change kitchen countertops, transform the base of your island into a wine rack. Incorporating cubbyholes in the construction can let you hide dozens of bottles away while freeing up more pantry space.

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