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4 Tips to Prevent Accidental Countertop Damage

Countertops are among the toughest features of your home. They’re built to withstand food preparation, routine cleaning, stubborn stains and more. They may be strong and durable, but countertop surfaces, regardless of the material component, can suffer from unintentional damage.

Prevent accidental damage to your kitchen countertop to extend its lifespan. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t Overload the Countertop Surface.

Countertop surfaces may be hard, but they can crack under pressure due to excess loads. Refrain from placing heavy objects near unsupported joints or edges. Also, don’t try to stand on your countertop just to reach something from the high shelf.

2. Use the Right Cleaning Product.

Stone and granite countertops lose their sheen when exposed to cleaning agents containing bleach or ammonia. A mixture of soap and hot water is enough for cleaning your kitchen countertops after every use to prevent fading.

3. Do Knife Work on a Chopping Board.

Even if you have a butcher block surface, it is not a good idea to chop, slice or dice directly on the countertop if you want to preserve its appearance. Even the subtlest of scratches can disrupt the waterproof sealant on most countertop surfaces, exposing them to further damage.

4. Protect It From Sunlight.

Letting sunlight into your kitchen can make the whole space look brighter and spacious. This, however, can cause laminate countertops to fade. Sealants used on granite and wood countertops also tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Close your curtains or any window treatments you have in your kitchen during peak daylight hours to protect your countertop from damage.

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