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A Look at Our Countertop Options

Aside from cabinet refacing, getting a new countertop is one of the most popular home improvement projects. And why not, when often the most-striking, stylistic part of any kitchen is your countertop material. While there’s a lot to be said about flooring and cabinets, countertops really can help set the tone visually. That’s why besides cabinet restoration, selecting and installing the right countertop material is an essential part of the design and planning of your kitchen remodel.

A Look at Our Countertop Options

Here are three of the most common kitchen countertop materials homeowner’s should consider for a kitchen remodel.

1. Granite

According to cabinet restoration experts, granite countertops are a top option for many reasons. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, thicknesses and patterns, the material is easily customized for any kitchen layout. Often considered a luxury option, granite does have options to fit into any homeowners budget.

Granite countertops are extremely durable. Few materials can scratch, crack or chip  granite. While it is porous – spills should be wiped off quickly to prevent any permanent potential damage – sealers are available to effectively protect your granite from water damage and staining.

Designer Stone offers the most beautiful granite choices for your home. Made from hundreds of varieties of the hardest naturally-formed volcanic rock from as far away as India, Brazil, Italy and Spain, these countertops bring unmatched glamour and elegance to your home.

2. Quartz. 

In terms of durability, you’d be hard pressed to find a countertop material to beat the man-nature combo of quartz. Crushed quartz stone is combined with resin to produce non-porous countertops that can beat natural stone in toughness and longevity. Almost indestructible under normal kitchen prep conditions, quartz won’t chip or crack nor is it vulnerable to knife cuts. It’s stain- and bacteria-resistant, and it doesn’t require sealing.

3. Marble.

Relatively more porous and softer than granite, marble is less resistant to stains and scratches, and will require periodic sealing to prevent moisture from entering the stone and causing stains. But marble does offer a classic, timeless beauty and the brightness of a white not available in other stone materials.

If you like cooking pastries, marble is perfect for you. It’s  naturally cool and doesn’t conduct heat well. Moreover, marble (especially Carrera marble) is one of the least expensive natural materials and is widely available. You can buy marble from nearly any stone fabricator or stone yard.

All of these materials come in so many styles, colors and patterns that it can seem almost impossible for the average homeowner to decide.

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