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Can You Cut Food Directly on a Kitchen Countertop?

If you do a lot of cooking, it can be inconvenient, even annoying, when you don’t have a clean cutting board available. You’ve probably seen online how some people would cut food directly on a kitchen countertop. But can you cut food directly on a kitchen countertop?

The Short Answer: Yes

The short answer is simply: yes. It is entirely possible to cut food on a clean countertop surface. Countertops made of material like quartz are extremely durable and can resist cuts and scratches from casual knife work. Of course, you should make it a habit to thoroughly clean the countertop before and after use. In addition to being a cutting surface, countertops can also be used for kneading bread dough and making pasta.

Engineered stone surfaces are ideal for this purpose over natural stone slabs as the latter has crevices that may retain food particles as well as germs and bacteria. Engineered stone, on the other hand, is made with powdered stone and resin that’s compacted during manufacture. The resulting material is as solid as glass, which makes the surface easy to clean. Most cabinet restoration and kitchen remodeling contractors offer engineered stone as an option for countertop material.

The Catch

While you can use your countertop to cut food, you shouldn’t. Countertops are cut-resistant, but repeatedly cutting on them would result in nicks and scratches that would accumulate over time. Heavy tools, such as a butcher’s knife, will definitely damage the countertop so it is still best to use a cutting board when cutting food

Nicks and scratches are the least of your problems when you use your countertop as your main cutting surface. Bacteria from raw meat can linger on a countertop, which can contaminate the work surface, leading to health risks. Acid and enzymes from fruits and vegetables can slowly corrode the countertop’s outer protective surface. Juices from ingredients like annatto seeds and turmeric can stain a light-colored countertop.  Also, it’s far easier and less costly to replace a worn-out cutting board than a damaged countertop.

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