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How to Childproof Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your little ones are naturally curious. As such, they’ll go around your home to explore what it has to offer, and that includes your kitchen cabinets. Here’s how you can childproof your kitchen cabinets for extra safety.

 Kitchen Cabinets

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

No matter how much you tell your children to stay away from the kitchen, the temptation will always be there due to their genuine curiosity. This puts your cabinets and drawers within arms reach for them. As such, you’ll need to reorganize your kitchen cabinets once your toddler learns how to walk. Make sure that toxic items, sharp objects, glass and heavy items are put out of reach. The lower cabinets should only store items that aren’t harmless or not easily broken. You can substitute upper shelves with hanging racks for your cookware.

Install Childproof Locks

Your cabinet renewal expert would tell you that you should secure the drawers or cabinets where sharp objects, such as where knives are placed. This is because they will grow tall enough to reach these objects. You can purchase these childproof locks online or in hardware stores. It’s important to teach your children how dangerous these objects are and why it’s placed out of reach for them. Don’t leave drawers open, and don’t leave sharp tools on the counter to avoid these risks as well.

Close the Pantry Doors

Another great practice is to ensure your pantry doors are closed when you aren’t getting things from it. This is because kids love to climb things, and an open pantry door is like a goal for them to reach. Don’t forget to install a child lock on these doors to protect them from injuries and creating a mess.

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