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How to Stop Dark Countertops From Fading

Sunlight entering from your kitchen window has the unintended side effect of causing the countertops to fade over time. Even natural stone treated with resins, such as granite and soapstone, are still vulnerable to direct and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Fortunately, preventing your countertops from fading is rather simple if you follow the below tips.

Keep them Clean

The resin on your countertops will protect them for a long time, but they may fade prematurely if the surface is always damp or wet. To prevent premature fading, always clean the countertop after use. Make sure to wipe it clean, and get rid of any food particles or dirt.

Close the Blinds

Windows with strong glass coatings will still let sunlight into the kitchen. That’s why you should keep the blinds closed when you’re not using the kitchen. Not only do you protect the countertops, but you also prolong the time between cabinet restoration.

Switching Sealants

Apart from infused resins, natural stone countertops also have a sealant that protects them from moisture and water damage. As with all sealants, it loses its effectiveness over time due to a combination of many factors, such as sunlight and water exposure.

A countertop with a good sealant causes water on its surface to form into beads of dew. If the water gets immediately absorbed instead, then the sealant needs to be replaced soon.

Keep these tips in mind so that your countertops don’t prematurely fade. If you’re in need of professional countertop restoration, our team at Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC is ready to help! We also offer cabinet renewal services. Call us at (631) 602-0004 to learn more. We are cabinet restoration experts serving homeowners throughout Hicksville, Huntington and Plainview, NY.