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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Refinishing: What’s the Difference?

If you want to update your kitchen’s look in the most cost-efficient way possible, you need to look at your cabinets. As they make up most of the visible parts of the kitchen, improving their appearance will impact the room tremendously. When it comes to cabinet renewal, however, you might find it challenging to choose between refacing and refinishing. After all, they may sound the same, but they are actually different.

In this post, Long Island Wood Renewal will shed light on the difference between refacing and refinishing cabinets to help you decide between the two.

Cabinet Refacing

Also known as cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing involves removing old doors or drawer faces, and replacing them with new ones. It is basically a manner of giving cabinets and doors a new face. Cabinets and drawers are then veneered, stained or painted to match.

Cabinet Refinishing

During refinishing, cabinet doors and drawer faces are removed to allow old paint and finishes to be stripped away through sanding. Once all traces of old paint, varnish or coating have been removed, cabinet doors and drawer faces are given a new finish or coat of paint. The entire cabinet or drawer will then be finished or painted in the same way to match.

Choosing Between Refacing and Refinishing

A complete kitchen evaluation will be done by cabinet restoration expert Long Island Wood Renewal to assess the current condition of your cabinets. Refacing is generally recommended if cabinet doors and drawer faces are damaged and severely outdated, making replacement more cost-efficient than refinishing. On the other hand, refinishing is the practical choice if cabinet doors and drawer faces are still structurally sound.

It is important to note that both refacing and refinishing will require that cabinets and drawers themselves be in good condition. Otherwise, total cabinet replacement may be needed.

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