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Pulling Out All the Stops: A Pull-Out Storage Discussion

In an age where space is at a premium, homeowners, kitchen remodeling contractors and interior designers are looking for innovative ways to save space while essentially making it work for the user. Kitchens are notorious for being cluttered, and there’s not enough space for all the knickknacks and cooking implements you might have collected on your culinary journey. 

Pulling Out All the Stops

One of the most sensational innovations in kitchen space-saving is the pull-out storage. 

What Is a Pull-Out Storage?

Pull-out storage (or pull-out shelves) in the context of a kitchen comes with many names. You might have seen them on your Instagram or Pinterest feed with such names as glide-outs, roll-outs or slide-outs. Whatever the name, kitchen cabinet refacing specialists call them smart storage options.

One of the major defining characteristics of a pull-out storage is that they’re usually shelves tucked into a cabinet that you can slide or pull out (hence the name), which may contain racks or storage for kitchen tools. Some are even made in a way that they unfurl out when pulled all the way and then fold over themselves when pushed into the cabinet.

Are These Custom-Made?

Some are certainly custom-made by kitchen remodelers. These days, though, pull-out storage have become so commonplace that you could find them at your local IKEA or Home Depot (assembly required). If you are something of a craftsman, you can even DIY it, though, of course, the quality or the reliability of the storage may not always be as you’ve seen on your social media.

What Can You Do With Pull-Out Storage?

The possibilities are endless with pull-out storage. They’re naturally unobtrusive when stowed, so it’s a good way to use pull-out storage for your kitchen countertops. You can store cutlery, cutting boards or even dish rags in them, which gives you easy access as you prepare food or other items.

Some owners even use pull-out trash bins. As garbage is always an eyesore, the ability to tuck it beneath a kitchen sink, for example, or near the exit can be a huge game-changer.

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