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This Year’s 5 Biggest Trends in Kitchen Countertops

Remodeling your cooking space? Here are some popular countertop and cabinet refacing, renewal and replacement trends that might match your needs.



1. Veined Marble Tiles


Veined marble tiles add an air of elegance to your cooking space. They’re perfect for homeowners who want to achieve that traditional, sophisticated look exclusive to marble pieces.



2. Floral Wallpaper


Nothing screams summer more than floral wallpapers. You can significantly brighten your cooking space by adding different colors and patterns to your interior design. 

Tip: explore floral-themed tiles for your countertops and cabinets as well.



3. Aesthetic Ceilings


Don’t limit yourself to countertop installation and cabinet restoration! Interior designers say that your ceilings heavily affect the way your room looks. For example, if you want to make your space look larger, you can try increasing the ceiling height. Meanwhile, those who want a minimalist, stylish look can paint their ceilings black.


4. Wooden Cabinets


Wooden cabinets are a very popular option because they’re very versatile. If you’re going for a rustic farmhouse vibe, try using pale, distressed kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, those who want a sleek, modern aesthetic should go for elegant kitchen cabinets finished with high-grade varnish.


5. Pastel Colors


Pastel colors aren’t exactly a household staple when it comes to home renovation. Traditionally, people would use bright hues and monochromatic color schemes. 


In recent years, however, more and more people have become willing to experiment and use a pastel color palette. This color scheme is perfect for those looking for a fresh, minimalist and soothing design.


There are dozens of other kitchen countertop and cabinet renewal trends to draw inspiration from so feel free to explore your other options. Now, this freedom might feel liberating, but for some, it can be quite intimidating. 


If you’re having a hard time deciding what designs to choose from, then reach out to Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC.  Our team can help assess your home and create the perfect design based on your needs and demands. Call (631) 414-7082, or fill out our online contact form to request a sample estimate. We serve customers from Hicksville, Huntington and Plainview, NY.