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Tips for Mixing and Matching Countertops

Countertops are focal points of a kitchen. Both the island and cabinet countertops are expected to deliver functionality while enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen design. However, not all materials are created equally. So, when it comes to choosing countertops for your kitchen space, make sure to take a cue from kitchen remodeling professionals – mix and match. Here are some tips:


It is important to consider the basic mishaps that can occur inside the kitchen. For some homeowners, liquid spills typically happen near a cooktop or sink, which are often considered as the busiest areas in the room. If this rings true for you, choose a countertop material that is highly resistant to spills, stains and moisture. The first option of many is a durable and beautiful quartz countertop since it is nonporous and can handle acidic juices that may leave a permanent mark on the surface.


Know the purpose of each kitchen feature. For bakers, kitchen countertops made of marble are essential for rolling pastry dough. Marble has a naturally cool surface that keeps dough soft and can prevent sticking even with minimal flour. If baking is one of your usual kitchen activities, consider a marble island or a smaller, marble-clad countertop.


It is ideal to connect the countertops you are designing visually. This technique allows you to avoid the scrap yard impression and visual disproportion in the kitchen space. So, if you want to use a warm-colored marble material, opt for a granite or quartz with brown or warm taupe undertones. Meanwhile, if a marble island with cool and gray lining is more of your style, then gray to dark-colored granite for perimeter countertops will complement it best.

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