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Tips on Selecting a Minimalism-Friendly Kitchen Countertop

Experts say that the countertop sets the tone for a beautiful minimalist kitchen design. After all, this fixture is one of the most noticeable elements in the room because of the great amount of space it occupies.

Tips on Selecting a Minimalism-Friendly Kitchen Countertop

With so many countertop options to choose from, it’s easy to make a mistake. Today, Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, shares tips to select a minimalism-friendly countertop design:

Choose White

Any countertop and cabinet refacing specialist would recommend white to highlight purity and cleanliness. This color doesn’t absorb light, so it can make a short or narrow slab look bigger.

Quartz is one of the materials that come in white with practically no mineral details. If you wish to have a patterned white countertop, minimize the visual features to keep the slab from being overwhelming to the eye.

Go Long

When planning your cabinet renewal project, Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, advises against breaking the countertops into many separate pieces. Like white slabs, long, uncut pieces create an illusion of generous space.

If your kitchen design doesn’t allow long countertops, though, reduce your clutter. Crowding the surface with unnecessary items defeats the purpose of having a minimalist kitchen.

Choose a “Washing” Pattern

There’s something calming with wave-like stone patterns. They remind us of the ocean, producing a soothing effect. Granite, marble and quartzite usually owe their character to patterns that mimic flowing water. As long as you select a light color, a wavy-patterned countertop can fit your minimalist kitchen.

Let Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, help you plan your countertop and cabinet restoration project from start to finish. We carry high-quality products from trusted manufacturers like Designer Stone and have the wisdom to know which concepts will work and won’t work. Call us at (631) 602-0004 to schedule your in-home consultation and get a free estimate.