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What to Do and Avoid When Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

Proper granite cleaning should be easy if you know what to do and avoid. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

Tips on Cleaning

You only need warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a microfiber cloth for the job. Just make sure your dishwashing liquid doesn’t have any citrus extracts as these are too acidic for your granite countertop.

To start cleaning, mix the water and soap in a bucket or your sink, and apply with the microfiber cloth. Make sure to rinse your cloth often with clean water while wiping your countertop. This is so you’re not just pushing around suds and grime. Afterwards, you need to dry it off with a fresh, dry microfiber cloth to prevent water stains in the stone.

What to Avoid Doing

  1. Using cleaners – This is because they have harsh chemicals that can damage granite kitchen countertops. For instance, bleach can be extremely harsh on granite sealers as it can degrade the sealant on your countertops. It can also lead to staining because granite is porous. Even disinfecting wipes, which are readily available in the market for convenient cleaning, have chemicals like citric acid that are bad for the sealant used on granite countertops.
  1. Letting spills sit on your countertops – If you don’t immediately clean the spills on your granite countertop, they will slowly wear down the sealer and eventually cause permanent stains on the stone. Even if it’s just citrus juice or vinegar, we recommend cleaning them quickly.

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