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In-Demand Kitchen Countertop Styles of 2021

The right material can make all the difference during any kind of home improvement project, including replacing a kitchen countertop. The material can affect whether cabinet restoration, for example, looks pleasing. Plus, good materials also help improve longevity. 

In-Demand Kitchen Countertop Styles of 2021

But it’s not just material that can make a statement. The style does as well. 


Pristine white countertops infuse your kitchen with a clean, minimalist look that works well with modern or contemporary kitchens. They have sleek lines and clear lines of sight, especially since white reflects light, helping illuminate all corners of the room.

White countertops often use premium materials like Corian® or Caesarstone®. While more expensive than the regular variety, they are non-porous, which means they’re stain-resistant. Cleaning them simply involves wiping the stain off with a napkin or a cloth towel.


Black countertops are making a comeback. Black usually goes well in any situation. If it’s in a neutral or white kitchen, a black countertop is easily the focal point of the area. But if you have a dark kitchen, the shade of the countertop’s “blackness” can either accentuate or soften the edges a bit.


Popular wisdom decrees that you don’t use wood anywhere near the kitchen. They aren’t just flammable. They are also susceptible to moisture damage. But lacquered wood or else wood composites can do just as fine as the real thing. The aesthetic value of wood grain on your countertop is undeniable and lends a cozy, homely warmth to the proceedings.

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